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    • 2013 Zuidam Dutch Courage Aged Gin 88

      This is the same recipe as Zuidam's Dutch Courage Dty Gin but the spirit spends 9 months in 200 litre American oak barrels. The result is a far spicier gin than it's smaller brother, so you'll find eastern spice such as...


    • 2013 Zuidam Dutch Courage Old Tom's Gin

      No less than TEN botanicals (including whole lemons!) go into this excellent bottle. A delightful compote of vanilla, juniper, eucalyptus and pine make themselves known, and the buttery texture is irresistable.


    • A customer gave me a bottle of this before it had found an importer in the UK, so we were pleased to have the chance to stick this on the shelf. Its a pretty, soft style of gin which makes the perfect Gin and tonic


    • Cadenhead's Old Raj Dry Gin

      With a delightful saffron twist this glorious old-fashioned style of gin is one of our favourites. The flavour is curiously intense and there's a terrific herb and spice element running through.


    • Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin Yarra Valley Australia

      A big, powerful and strongly flavoured Gin from Australia. Bold, full-bodied and original as it has a wonderfully aromatic orange angle. In fact we like a slice of a orange - as opposed to lemon - in a glass with some...


    • Harewood Gin

      Infused with hand-picked mulberries from an ancient tree on the estate - which many of you who have visited Harewood may well have strolled past - with the addition of cardamom and other botanicals, this is both delicious...