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    • ABK6 Pure Single VS Cognac

      Highly stylish yet remarkably elegant Cognac here. It's beautiful gold colour is reflected in mildly spiced fruit and there's impressive length on the finish.


    • ABK6 VSOP Cognac

      The proud winner of the 'World's Best Cognac' award in 2014 and what a delicious drop it is. Focused fruit notes such as cinnamon-tinged apple meet fresh brioche notes and gentle vanilla.


    • ABK6 XO Family Reserve Cognac

      The Cognacs from this house all tend to have a certain baked pastry character - something they are prooud of and regard as their signature. There's lot of that here, as well as a note of liquorice that is often found in very...


    • Château de Montifaud Napoleon Fine Petite Champagne

      A stunning bottle Napoleon Cognac is around 18 years of age, and with this level of maturity comes some rancio earthiness and layer upon layer of complexity. The Vallet family really do make some exceptional Cognac at...


    • Château de Montifaud VS Fine Petite Champagne

      The family run Château de Montifaud own 90 hectare of vineyards and they make simply some outstanding Cognac, fruity and elegant. Purity shines through, as does the love and attention to detail the Vallet family bring...


    • Château de Montifaud VSOP Fine Petite Champagne

      Highly elegant Cognac with delightful aspects of fruit - apricot, pear - as well as a sprinkle of dried flowers. Beautifully controlled and full of finesse, this is one of our best seling brandies.